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Data Trends: What should the data analytics market expect in 2022?

The rapid digital transformation of almost every industry sector in 2021 has boosted the growth of data from people and machines significantly. Analyst firm IDC estimates that by 2025, the global datasphere will total 181 zettabytes, while the amount...

DBaker by Community Manager
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DC_ARCHIVE directory format

Hello, For the DC_ARCHIVE template, you must put in a directory for the analytic to act on. What if the directory path includes a date? For example, .../hdb/{date}/data. Any help is greatly appreciated Many Thanks Luke

leades by Moderator
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Issue with Audio Alerts on kx Dashboards

Hi there, I'm trying to set up an audio alert for a table in a kx dashboard with user input parameters. The datasource for the audio alert is empty to start with so that notifications are essentially off when the dashboard is loaded. Once the user in...

rcoen01 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Meaning of icon in KX Control

We've recently run into an issue whereby some processes and configs have become duplicated in KX Control. We are trying to identify a root cause, the only thing we have to go on at the minute is that they are all tagged with a slightly different icon...

nmez9 by New Contributor
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