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Apply a list of parameters to a list of input

Hi, I have a simple question: I have a list b:(1 5 6;9 10 76; 43 12 11) and I would like to take the nth indexed element from each list where n is a list, for example n = (0;2;1). So the output should be (1;76;12). What is the easiest syntax to do it...

PyKX is now open source! 🐍

Did you know that our Python native interface PyKX is now an open source distribution? See how quick it is to install and get up and running below! You can download the Jupyter Notebook shown in the video below.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 10.22.17.png
Michaela by Community Manager
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Resolved! Running user defined aggregation on partitioned tables

Hello I want to run a user defined aggregating function getPercentile (to get say 99% or 50% or 1% percentile of a list of value) on a partitioned table. From this link map-reduce , only few types of aggregation can KDB decompose into map step and re...

lzl by New Contributor
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Resolved! why sv needs ,' here?

I have the below trades table in my q session: q)meta trades c | t f a -----| ----- time | p sym | s g src | s g price| f size | i q) Then, why does it need each both for the sv function when x and y are joined already and then passed into sv: q)upda...

kdb_newbie by New Contributor II
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