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Extended JSON parsing

Apparently .j.k loses precision with large enough numbers: q)`long$.j.k"1471220573128024107" 1471220573128024064 However I'm trying to interface with a program that expects the number to round-trip, i.e. if I export the JSON again, it should contain ...

Could not load list columns from S3

We are storing data in S3 bucket. While we are able to load most of the tables, whenever there is a column of the type list or string, the table couldn't load properly. When the column is a string say OrderID, it will have two files ID and ID#. when ...

cyhuang by New Contributor
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Resolved! dxATAlert table grown too big

Hi All, Action tracker process loads dxATAlert table in memory and because it has grown too big, the process's memory utilisation is very high. What is the best way to tackle this? Can dxATAlert be persisted to HDB? Any help would be greatly apprecia...

cj by New Contributor
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