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Hi all, I’m back again with another challenge! This week I have hidden the function I created within the spoiler tag below - I would love to see what solutions you come up with and then compare it to my own. As always, any suggestions or feedback on how to improve my solution would be greatly appreciated. Can't wait to see everyone's answers! 

You are given a list of numbers.

The original numbers have been squared, multiplied by 3 then added 8 to give;

371, 56, 20, 251, 1091, 35, 683, 683, 440.

Your task is to create a function that takes each of the above numbers, works out the original number and maps it to the corresponding letter of the alphabet. E.g. 1 = a , 2 = b, 3 = c.

Once all 9 letters have been outputted it will reveal a message.



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