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Rank beginners

Rank in q refers to the number of arguments a function takes – or the number of indices you can use to index an array. Because Apply and Index have the same syntax, functions and lists are syntactical...


Flouring the loaf

Now here’s a task that cries out for a simple solution: put a border round a matrix. My matrix is boolean and represents a QR code (yes, we’ll come to that) but it’s the same problem as, say, putting ...


All that jazz: The librarian’s song

Because q is a proprietary language, most of us know it as a language we learned in order to query large datasets. But q is a general-purpose programming language. The 32-bit interpreter is free for n...


Missing some items

We encounter the enlist keyword early in learning q; a reliable way to make a one-item list where 1# won’t do. But there is a bit more to enlist than that. In the first place, it is not only variadic ...


Five easy pieces #4: Little Six

“Golden age” or not, England under Elizabeth I was a very minor European power. Keen to be part of the cultural mainstream, its poets imitated Italian forms such as the sonnet. And a tricky French for...