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Git commit/push to a user defined folder

New Contributor

My query is regarding pushin my files from KX Control to Git repository

As per KX Control Guide

Git commit /push new repository
The Package Exporter can support pushing the XML representation of a package to a remote
Git repository. If the selected package has never been committed and is not already a G it
package then the dialog will open up blank. The repository used for the first export to push
to must be an empty repository.

How to configure to commit the package or only selected files to a "user defined folder" in Git Repository?

For Example,

My repository name is KDB_Utilities.

I want to commit  few files in folder KDB_Utilities/Development/Dashboards/

Currently KX Control is committing only inside KDB_Utilities



Moderator Moderator

Hello @suresh_kdbplus,

Great topic here! Thanks for sharing with the KX Community. 

Welcoming feedback from our fellow contributors. 

Kind regards,