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SRR error when trying to reconnect to my port.

New Contributor

I run an app that takes a while to come up. Once in a while, it crashes. When it does it is always because of a specific KDB instance.
Rather than relaunching the whole app, I tried killing the stuck KDB instance, start a new one, set it up to the same port, and copy over the loaded data and functions from another user.
I confirm that all the functions/data are there. But when I try running a kdb query, all I get is an "srr" error.

Do you know why?
Thanks in advance

New Contributor III
Hi Victor,

Couple of options for what could be wrong here:

a. srr is a typo in your kdb code and should be the ssr keyword?

b. srr is a function/variable which you have not defined when restarting the process. e.g. stochastic recovery rate in bond and credit default swaps?

c. some error outside of kdb specific to the application you are running?


Matt M