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Visual Inspector chart question - Kx Developer 1.3.1

New Contributor III

Is it me, or there's really no way to chart a typical market data timeseries without the inherent date/time gaps along the X-axis?  A 1-minute data table (with no data from 4PM to 9:30AM), as per below:

yields the following line chart:

I don't see a way (other than than use 'Categorical' as X-Axis scale, in which case I loose date/time visual reference info) to get a continuous chart. 

I'm simply looking for a quick and dirty continuous time chart within Dev:-)  


New Contributor
Hi JP,

A couple options below might be of interest using the Grammar of Graphics library in Developer.

Starting with some market data with date/time gaps:

d:(asc 2020.12.01+neg[n]?31)+\:09:00+til"j"$17:00-09:00
v:{sums count[x]?-1 1} each d
t:ungroup ([]d;v)

.qp.go[600;200] .qp.line[t; `d; `v; ::]

One option is to use a categorical scale as you mentioned, but set the x labels explicitly to each date for reference:

.qp.go[600;200] .qp.line[t; `d; `v]
        .gg.scale.format[.gg.fmt.timestamp]              // format the labels with newlines
        .gg.scale.breaks[t[`d]{x?distinct x}`date$t`d]   // extract distinct dates

Another option might be to break out each individual day into a grid of small multiples:

theme: (!) . flip (
    (`title_fontsize; 12);
    (`axis_tick_label_angle_x; 90);
    (`axis_tick_label_anchor_x; `left);
    (`labels; `x`y!("";"")));

w: 800; h: 200
    .qp.layout[`hori_p; {(x+60),(n-1)#x} (w-60)%n] {    // the hori_p layout is horizontal with explicit pixel widths
        .qp.title[first `date$x`d] 
        .qp.theme[``axis_use_y!(::;y~0)]        // only use a y axis on the first chart
        .qp.line[x; `d; `v] 
            .qp.s.share[`y;`y] ,                // make sure the y axis for the first chart can be used for every chart
            .qp.s.scale[`x; .gg.scale.format[{`minute$x}] .gg.scale.timestamp]  // display only minutes on the x axis for less noise
    }'[t group `date$t`d; til n]


New Contributor III
Thanks Tim for the 2 alternatives... 
Although I suspected my request could be easily fulfilled via the GoG library, I didn't spend much time playing with it; you forced the introduction, a good thing:-)... I have to admit I am rather surprised that this basic functionality is not integrated in Visual Inspector (at least via a X-axis parameter as with Kx Dashboards) while many more less 'simple' visualizations are available.  Still, VI is a wonderfully useful tool for quick & basic charting.
Thanks again,