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Contributor III
Contributor III
The wiki went down a few hours ago. I’ve redirected requests to the fallback server; the redirection exposes its IP address. 

The wiki was frozen two years ago and will eventually be removed. If you still rely on it please take a moment to write to me about what’s needed for you to switch to the up-to-date documentation at



Stephen Taylor | Librarian | Kx | +44 7713 400852 |

New Contributor
Personally I look forward to the old wiki permanently being removed. The inconsistency in page design and the redirect banner at the top of the wiki page after clicking kx links from Google results is a very mild but constantly occurring pet peeve.

New Contributor
It would be nice to have an ability to go directly to the keyword reference by some URL/keyword for the sake of qPad's "F1 @ keyword", but new documentation's search can be used instead (differs by one additional click on a first result), so no that big a deal, I suppose.


I keep on clicking through to the new one which looks better to me.
As good a time as any to retire this as far as I'm concerned.

New Contributor
Can you please migrate QIdioms over to the new site? (didnt see it on there). Thanks!

Contributor III
Contributor III
Will do! 

I’ll announce here when it’s done.


Stephen Taylor | Librarian | Kx | +44 7713 400852 |

New Contributor

Hi Stephen

Every time i perform queries on google like "kdb ssr" and similar.
I find perfect answer with wiki.
Unfortunately, not the case at all with new doc, which alway requires fullscan (full scans are expensive)


Hi Sanny

returns a link to ssr as its top result. How can we improve on that, please?


Stephen Taylor | Librarian | Kx | +44 7713 400852 |

New Contributor
That url is useless. It does not provide direct link to ssr. Read below.

Why we may argue about whether it's important, integration with google search is different then searching on site. 

I'll try to explain my workflow.

1) working in jupyter.
2) ctrl+t open new tab ; type kdb ssr ; scan results from top ; click first result ; read doc ; ctrl+w  close tab       = 2 command shortcuts + 1 list scan + 1 click 
3) keeping typing in jupyter with refreshed knowledge

This is about 2 seconds to get to ssr definition. My flow is not interrupted.

with what you suggest i will need to:

- open (or scan through tabs and find it open)     = 1 scan tabs + 1 click OR 1 shortcut + type window title search string (code.kx)
- focus search fild               =  1 click
- scan results (no result for SSR)              = 1 scan
- click on any link because they all are wrong                  = 1 click
- scan for ssr (won't do it), instead will type ctrl+f ssr          =  1 shortcut  + 1 scan for yellow highlight
- click on it                                                       = 1 click
- appear on page called                    note that ssr is anchor/id (#) not par of url, cannot be indexed by google.

While I adore kdb, it's dynamic language, so no any help from IDE, so I use google a lot.
With removal of wiki, i'm out of usable manual.

to make things worse, try searching for "ss" on the site. Compare it to google "kdb ss".

process your documentation. It seems to be structured enough. Generate partial pages with proper urls without id/anchor, put it in "/funref" directory and let google index it. 
Add enough keywords, add "kdb" (because no kdb in url, only kx).
Reformat funref to contain no extra space for novices.
Then compare search hit rate on both funref and current pages, and you'll get what I mean.

Contributor III
Contributor III
Thanks for your time and the detailed workflow! We’re thinking on similar lines. 

If you can spare me any more time try

usr: tech
pwd: mustcnow

Google Search results for kdb will improve 
  • with V2 using keywords and operators as the page titles, just as you say
  • when we 301 the wiki 
V2 could also provide a basis for a new help.q. E.g. .help`ssr could open the relevant page directly. Think you might use that?

Stephen Taylor | Librarian | Kx | +44 7713 400852 |

Contributor III
Contributor III
Now I see I replied to everyone, I’ve removed the password challenge. V2 is not yet ready to publish, but your comments are welcome.

A word about context. Alex is right to mention novices. My primary mission is to lower the learning gradient for q. For those of you who found your way through the wiki, any improvements to are likely to be marginal. The least I can do is stay out of your way, and I’m grateful for information about what does and doesn’t work for you. 

There is some prospect of condensing the Reference articles by writing more tutorials and moving examples and discussion to them. 

And something I just learned about the Jupyter notebooks:

Just put the cursor on ssr within the Jupyter notebook and hit Shift Tab a couple of times – the built-in context-sensitive help takes you straight to the correct page on without having to lift fingers.

Stephen Taylor | Librarian | Kx | +44 7713 400852 |