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KX Community - Spoiler Alert!

Hi q-urus! Thank you so much for all the great responses to the new community initiative, we’re delighted you are as excited as we are! ? As promised, here are some examples of how the new community will work: Forums Within a forum you can post quest...

Laura by Community Manager
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Can't run K code from (K n00b warning)

charset=utf-8Subject: Can't run K code from (K n00b warning) To: personal-kdbplus@googlegroups.comFrom: Alexander Shendi Message-ID: <>X-Provags-ID: V03:K1:onkuEXbX1dOYssgSuCQ5fURUxBQCX+LEog9akuH52P7...

upsert to dictionary of tables?

Hi,So it's better/faster to do upsert with the symbol "`t upsert ..." than upsert and assign "t:t upsert ...", as show here, right?q)t0:t1:([]sym:`a`b;data:1 2)q)\t do[50000;`t1 upsert ([]sym:`a`b;data:1 2)]27q)t1:t0q)\t do[50000;t1:t1 upsert ([]sym:...

Angela by New Contributor
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openssl troubles in kdb 32bit version

Hi everyone!I'm trying to get data from iex and quandl directly into q, but I'm running into troubles with openssl. I'm aware kdb only works with openssl 1.0.X, so I installed 1.0.2o i386 version but went from "incompatible ssl version" to ELFCLASS64...