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kdb+3.5 2017.03.15 Production Release

kdb+ v3.5 has now reached production status and the 32bit version is available on Licensed customers should obtain the 64bit version from their company representatives.kdb+ v3.5 HighlightsEnhanced DebuggerIn kdb+ v3.5, the debugger has been e...

charlie by New Contributor II
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select: how to execute a function over a list of strings?

q)h2d:{16 sv "0123456789abcdef"?x} / hex 2 decimalq)t:([]a:`000069f0`00006a50`00006a80;s:`a`b,`c)q)ta s----------000069f0 a00006a50 b00006a80 cq)select h2d each a from t'type [2] h2d:{16 sv "0123456789abcdef"?x} ^q)select h2d over a from t'type [6] h...

ag1 by New Contributor
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Undefined Symbol sd1

In a virtualenv of a CentOS 7.1 server, pyq 4.0 failed like this:/tmp/pyq/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pyq/ undefined symbol: sd1Does anyone have a clue how to fix this? Thank you.Jin.

jmao by New Contributor
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Rolling Difference Based on Time

I have table similar totrade1:`time xasc([]time:50?24:00:00.000;stock:50?`A`AA; price:50?100.0)and I want to have the rolling difference in price by sym in x time bars.So for example add a col to the table that shows the price difference from 1 hour ...

Cast error when trying to insert a row

Hi allIn my HDB process, I selected some record and store in a in memory table and then trying to insert a new row at the end. It complaint "cast" error about thatBut if I do the samething at RealTime DB, it work fine, will anyone know how to fix tha...

carfield1 by New Contributor
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