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Big Integers (larger than long)

Anyone know how to handle numbers larger than long in kdb+?I need to handle numbers with 20+ digits in kdb+. It seems there is no inbuilt data types for this, other than to store the number as a string or hex. Does anyone know any KDB+ libraries to d...

How to replace first n entries in a column with 0N

Hi, I am running a calculation and I want to replace my first n entries in the row with empty value. How should I do that?i.e, mycol mycol -------------------- to --------------------- a 0N b 0N c c d dThank you so much for your help!Emily -

How to calculate correlation every few rows

Hi All,I have a table which looks like this:num sym1 sym2 sym3. sym4-----------------------------------------------------------------1 1.5 -0.1. 9.4. 3.12 2.5 - 0.9 3.1 0.53 5.4 2.9. -0.3. 1.04 0.5 0.1. -0.4. 1.45 0.3 0.0 3.6. 0.4How can I calculate ...