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Writing Csv File with .Q.fs[]

Hi all, I'm new to Kdb and have been having trouble writing big tables to .Csv files under the W32 version due to WSFULLand I am trying to work around it with .Q.fs[] chunking.The following code fails with wsfull on Kdb32:/------------------------Dev...

innauto1 by New Contributor
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running reval in K mode in

I am trying to use reval in K mode for http request. q).z.phk){x:uh$[@x;x;*x];$[~#x;hy[`htm]fram[$.z.f;x]("?";"?",*x:$."\\v");x~,"?";hp@{hb["?",x]x}'$."\\v";"?["~2#x;hpjx["J"$2_x]R "?"=*x;@[{hp jx[0j]R::1_x};x;he];"?"inx;@[{hy[t]@`/:tx[t:`$-3#n#x]@.(...

pivot table

Hi, 1. Define table tt:([]id:1 1 1 2 2 2;c1:`a`a`b`a`a`b;c2:`x1`x2`x3`y1`y2`y3)id c1 c2-----------------1 a x11 a x21 b x32 a y12 a y22 b y3 2. Pivot table t by this function:pivot:{P:asc exec distinct c1 from t;:exec P#(c1!c2) by id:id from t}pivot[...

James1 by New Contributor
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convert rows of a table to list

Hi,Table t:c1 c2 c3-----------`a 1 `x`b 2 `y`c 3 `zHow to convert rows to a list like this:L:((`a;1;`x);(`b;2;`y);(`c;3;`z))Thanks.

James1 by New Contributor
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Table size

Hi,I am having trouble retrieving size of a splayed, partitioned table. -22! reports a tiny number, few hundred bytes. I assume it does so because entire table is not memory. Related question. If I were to execute count very_large_table, does KDB hav...