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Minimum Requirements To Achieve Streaming In KX Dashboards

Have sort of asked this before, but had to drop to complete other projects-- but we're back...So, I'm trying to achieve streaming data within Dashboards. I've gone through the docs (PDFs) and tutorials (videos etc) and still can't seem to achieve suc...

planefan by Contributor
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ODBC-native-escape clause

Hi,In Simba ODBC driver documention says:"In the Edit Custom SQL dialog box, write a SQL statement that includes an ODBC-native-escape clause containing your q query. For more information, see "Native Syntax" in the ODBC 4.0 Specification"Could some ...

Joining tables with lists of data

Hi All, wondering if someone can help.I have 3 tables with a column of lists. I want to take the the tables and add them to the first tables list.So for examplea:([key1:`a`b`c]val:(enlist 1;enlist 2;enlist 3))b:([key1:`a`b`c]val:(enlist 4;enlist 5;en...


I have a table full of trades, and a table full of quote updates. My goal is to use a windowjoin to get aggregate figures -- however I have an extra parameter that I need to pay attention too (usually coming from the trades table). Thus, I've been us...

planefan by Contributor
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