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Integration testing best practices

Hi,How are large q projects normally integration tested?We can easily unit test with qspec or K4Unit. But usually q code involves multiple processes interacting with each other, which requires the code to be tested as a group.Would love to hear how t...

samsogade by New Contributor
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Code coverage in q

Hi,Anyone has an idea of how to implement code coverage in q?So far I've built a simple library that retrieves the list of global functions called in a test and converging until I get the tree of all functions called.However let's say there is an "if...

Q Language looping

up votedown votefavoriteI am new to Q language and trying to figure out its basics. I am trying a sample program in which let's say for a given number I can find the sum of all the multiples of 3 and 5?if input is 10 sum : 23I am trying to think in t...