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inserting timestamp

what's wrong with this?x: ([] time:`timestamp$(); v:`int$())x,: (2#.z.p; 2#1)`type/this works`x insert (2#.z.p; 2#1)/this also worksx: ([] y:`int$(); v:`int$())x,: (2#1; 2#1)

Object creation/destruction in C++

Let's say my C++ code has some object that needs to be used throughout the program:class API { API(); ~API(); void methodA() { std::cout << "called method A\n"; } void methodB() { std::cout << "called method B\n"; }}API api* = new API();extern "C" K ...

samsogade by New Contributor
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Multi-threaded decompression

Hi,I am wondering why multi-threaded decompression (using peach) appears to be slower than using a single thread. Is there some sort of IPC between threads that's causing extra overhead? What is the right way to decompress in parallel?Thanks in advan...

Most memory efficient way of merging tables

I have a bunch of tables on the file system. I need to read all of them into memory and merge them together. It seems like using raze or (uj), I will inevitable read all of them, then merge them together. That will at least double the memory usage. H...

KdbNoob by New Contributor
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New KDB+/Q debugger

New Q debugger is available here other debug helper functions it gives you full control over the function/program and acts more like the ordinary Java/C debugger - you can execute functions line by line, step...