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Filling zeros for missing combinations of keys

Hello,I often need to fill in zeros so that I have a value for every combinationof a set of keys.For example:q)t:([date:1 1 1 2 2; sym:`A`B`D`B`C] pl:5?1f)q)tdate sym| pl--------| ---------1 A | 0.30177231 B | 0.7850331 D | 0.53470962 B | 0.71117162 ...


I am using c++, I need to recompile the C++/kdb+ API but since the c.o and k.h are already compiled to 32 and 64 platforms I cannot access their source code. Unless someone can direct me to the source to recompile it for my platform?!Other than that,...

joey1 by New Contributor
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c++ k(...) function

Hi,Is there some document showing definitions of function k and its parameters?K r=k(handle,"functionname",r1(param),(K)0);What's the (K)0 here and also (S)0 for receiving.ThanksJQ

JQ by New Contributor
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