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Debugging embedPy library extension called extendPy

Hi all I try to hack and learn how to debug python library loaded to q kdb+ context. I use michaelsimonelli/qoinbase-q: Q client for the Coinbase Pro API ( as a sample to learn from. While hacking I discovered Interesting insights: 1. embe...

Kovacsi by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Using gRPC from q

gRPC client for q, qrpc was released. Since gRPC is one of the most popular protocol in a large system, q users might have conducted extensive search on the internet to find a solution that can translate your proto files without sacrificing type chec...

embedPy inside q (kdb+) process fails to import a module

Hi community I must learn how to use python modules inside q kdb+ process. at the process of learning : 1. using windows 10 x64 q , kdb+ , anaconda virtual environment on python 3.8.10, and KX Developer IDE. 2. learned how to use embedPy and successf...

Kovacsi by New Contributor III
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User Feedback Request - The Vector Dojo

Introducing the Vector Dojo The KX Community team are investigating ways in which we can further support our loyal members and considering several solutions that will add value to your experience. One idea is to implement the “Vector Dojo”, a KDB\Q l...

Vector Dojo.gif
DBaker by Community Manager
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