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ISO-8601 (.h.iso8601)

Hi all,I noticed that .h.iso8601 is defined as following:k){$[^x;"";@[$"p"$x;4 7 10;:;"--T"]]}Since it converts everything to a timestamp, it give rise to values like "2015.10.29T00:00:00.000000000" with an input of 2015.10.29.This might be find for ...

Flying by New Contributor III
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scatter selection, transitive closure and state transition

Hi,Can anyone throw some light on how the features mentioned in the subject work ?They are present since K2, but couldn't find any documentation.The old K online help just shows the syntax:scatter selection matrix'transitive closure vector/ vector\st...

pahihu by New Contributor
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I'm not sure what is at's no docs on .last or .last.phi thought maybe that kdb+ keeps the last request in a .last namespace, but i hit the default with my browser and there is ...

effbiae by New Contributor
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