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Frequency distribution table

Hi ,I am trying to create a frequency distribution table, which calculates the frequency for values within a class. For eg: -1 to -0.8, -0.8 to -0.6 till .6 to .8; .8 to 1I think s:([] f:-1f+0.2f*til 10) helps me get the intervalsNow i have the value...

AP by New Contributor
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Moving Average of Multiple Securities

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how to calculate trailing averages in a table that contains many securities. The examples I've found only demonstrate how to perform the calculation on a single timeseries.q)select from day where bbgid.ticke...

iterate question

Question is on the highlighted statement below:1. Does the argument (like the scan operation) become the previous output of the command i.e. the orange highlight becomes the parameter to f to yield the blue highlight ?2. In the same output mentioned ...