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badmsg contents

I'm trying to debug a IPC client application that is causing tick.q tothrow 'badmsg. On the wiki, I see an old reference to a ""function that is called when a malformed data structure is received andsets the "msg" global variable with the conten...

Subtract a running value from the top of a column

Hello, does anyone know how to do the following?I have a column x--561020and I want to subtract 14 for examplex--5 --> remaining is greater than row value, 14-5 leaves 96 -> remaining is greater than row value, 9 - 6 leaves 310 -> remaining is less t...

Storing Price + Fundamental Data

I'm fairly new to databases. My current system uses hdf5 and is really starting to hit its limit.I have roughly 15 years of data for 1000 securities. Each security has ~100 fields of varying frequency:Daily: Open, Close, Adjusted close, Volume, VWAP,...

real-time database multi-site replication

feed --> ticker plant --> rdbLocal --> rdbRemoteConsider the topology above, the feed sends real-time data to the ticker plant. Two rdb instances are subscribing from the ticker plant. The link between the ticker plant and rdbRemote is unreliable. Th...

LamHinYan by New Contributor
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how to properly run scripts in parallel with q -s option

I know I can q -s 8 to start 8 slaves, then \l myscripts.q But I can't do things like q -s 8 myscripts.q. That only goes into the q) console, nothing else. can't do q myscripts.q -s 8 either since that arguments go into myscripts.q, not q. How do I m...

KdbNoob by New Contributor
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