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Rank error using if/else

Anyone know why I am getting a rank error here? test:([]side:())`test insert `s`test insert `bselect side:$[side=`b;1;side=`s;2;0] from test`rankthe if/else works fine on its own just inside the select it throws an error

TorQ 2 .email.test[] 'type error

I have installed the TorQ starter pack on both Windows 7 and CentOS 6 Linux. .email.test worked on windows but not on linux. On both windows and linux I have filled out the block below "\d .email" in config/settings/default.q. On windows I have added...

LamHinYan by New Contributor
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Add a boolean for each symbol in List

I am trying to add a column in a select statement that checks if the symbol is in a list. I am getting a length error and I know its something quick, just cant find the syntax.So I have a select statement likeselect time, sym, shares, price:price*2, ...

Random list of set length which sums to predefined amount

Hi, I'm new to q and this is my first question here (I'm sure there will be many more to come!)I've come from a background of more verbose languages and so I'm not sure how to achieve this without a loop which as I've seen is not very much at all in ...

mlefleur by New Contributor
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json decode error for strings with utf chars (.j.k)

Hi,i am using .j.k to decode JSON data. Unfortunately some stringscontain unicode escaped data:{"a":"B\u00f6rse"}decoding this with kdb produces an error: q).j.k "{\"a\":\"B\\u00f6rse\"}" k){$["{"=*x;(`$c'n#'x)!c'(1+n:x?'":")_'x:d x;"["=*x;.Q.fc[c']d...

sieber by New Contributor
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