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Passing values between nested function

Hi,I am writing a rather large function and I ended up encountered the error 'branch.So I have to break down my code in to smaller piece to avoid the max 255 offset problem...The first thing I am trying is to move some of the code to a separated func...

reactgary by New Contributor
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calculation of table view/alias

Hi,ich have a big table with many columns that are updated quite often. q)table:([id:1 2 3] quote:4 5 6; field1: 1 2 3);many upserts per second update the quote field.tableview is a table alias that extends the table by some columns that are feeded b...

sieber by New Contributor
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select from custom names columns

Hi,i have a table with column names that contain function parameters (so the names contain special characters : and .)q)table:flip(`a,`$"b:1.4")!(1 2 3;4 5 6)how can I now select these columns?of course "select b:1.4 from table" does not work as inte...

sieber by New Contributor
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RE: [personal kdb+] Iterate saving down a table

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Iterate saving down a table

Hi, I'm trying to save down a date partitioned table to disk. Using the .Q.dpft[':/path/to/location;.z.d;'sym;'tablename]. This woks fine. I want to do this multiple times at end of day to the various tables that exist., and so I'd like to enclose th...

js610308 by New Contributor
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