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This works:q)t:([]a:`a`b;b:0 1;c:"ab")q)show t,:([]a:`c`d;c:"cd")a b c-----a 0 ab 1 bc cd dWhy this, which semantically you'd think it's exactly the same thing, doesn't work?q)t:([]a:`a`b;b:0 1;c:"ab")q)t:t,([]a:`c`d;c:"cd")'mismatch

borota by New Contributor
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segmented hdb / 32-bit not enough storage error

I'm receiving the message 'Not enough storage is available to process this command.' when attempting to load a large database with slave processes.I'm attempting to use sub-processes to query a large database on the 32-bit version of kdb. I've modifi...

joebo by New Contributor
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Where is sd0x defined on l32?

K sd0x(I d,I f)$ ls -l c.o-rwxrw-rw-. 1 user01 user01 49840 Jan 21 ...

LamHinYan by New Contributor
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Calculation of bars according to the time range

Hi All, Sometimes exchange trading hours ahead of a small, leading to more some of the bars.for example:q)tradesym time price sizeIBM 09:24:57 20.30 100IBM 09:30:00 20.31 150 q)t:select last price,sum size by sym,1 xbar time.minute from tradeq)tsym t...