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Production memory usage

Given the following 2 scenarios:1) A real time inmemory tick database generally not queried to frequently 2) A database of mostly static tables to which users can place unconstrained querieswhat kind of max memory consumption does kx recommend for pr...

abcfoots by New Contributor
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Optimizating csv import

The following program is parsing csv into in-memory table at about 22 MB/sec. I have repeated the benchmark a few times. The data is in the OS disk cache. The program is 1 core CPU-bound. My CPU is i5-3230M @ 2.60 GHz on a laptop. How can I make it f...

LamHinYan by New Contributor
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. (dot) Does Not Work with mod?

Hi,I'm facing a strange error with mod and . (dot) operators. Please see the session log below:===============SESSION=======================D:\DEV>qKDB+ 3.2 2015.03.05 Copyright (C) 1993-2015 Kx Systemsw32/ 4()core 4095MB Think flying-thinkpad 192.16...

Flying by New Contributor III
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Keyed table with no value columns

I want to define a "parent" table that has only a primary key as column. Trying this fails.q) p:([k:`$()]) 'parse So based on what I am reading in Q for mortals I came up with this:q) p:flip (enlist `k)!enlist `$()Is there no table definition syntax ...

borota by New Contributor
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C# and composite keys

I am using C# interface as described here: have a q table that has a composite foreign key and I want to bulk insert into it. How do I pass the composite key column values?I tried Array of Array...

borota by New Contributor
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