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Update symbols and tables in place ?

Hi,I want to save a table as splayed, now I have 2 ways:q) t:([] a:`a`b`c; b:1 2 3)q) syms:`symbol$()q) t:update a:`syms?a from tandq) t:([] a:`a`b`c; b:1 2 3)q) syms:distinct update a:`syms$a from `tbut the following one failed:q) t:([] a:`a`b...

by Not applicable
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SQL Subset?

Hello,I tried this:q)trade:([]time:();sym:();price:();size:())q)`trade insert(09:30:00;`a;10.75;100),0q)tradetime sym price size-----------------------09:30:00 a 10.75 100q)s) insert into trade values (10:00:00,`b,22.34,120)k){j::3;t:r 2;f:$["("~r j;...

q is cool...old school k?

i am playing with is great.possible to get 32-bit version of k?i aim to understand this language at its roots.

k_os_tao by New Contributor
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Q for Mortals 2

Last week this url was not requiring authentication:, apparently it does, any ideas why?Was it only open by oversight?

JB2 by New Contributor
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