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how to unquote text in url?

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Content-Disposition: inline Hi,

in Python

>>> urllib.unquote('%25')

how to do it in Q?

Best regards,
Davies Liu

New Contributor
.h.uh to unquote ( is the inverse)2008/11/17 Davies Liu 😆 Hi,> in Python>>>> urllib.unquote('%25')> '%'> how to do it in Q?> Best regards,> Davies Liu>> >>

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Thank you.

Best regards,
Davies Liu

speaking of which, what part of .h is the "render q object as html" function?(i.e. the equiv of .Q.s)On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 3:22 PM, simon garland wrote:>> .h.uh to unquote ( is the inverse)>> 2008/11/17 Davies Liu :>> Hi,>> in Python>>>>> urllib.unquote('%25')>> '%'>> how to do it in Q?>> Best regards,>> Davies Liu>>>> >>>>> >>-- Aaron