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Q+A on all things kdb+ database and the q language

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Return to the Vector Dojo

Last few puzzles still to write up for AOC 2022, but it’s time to Return to the Vector Dojo. The Vector Dojo is a free, informal 90-minute video call to practice vector-programming techniques together. It’s easy to get started in q using expressions ...

SJT by Valued Contributor
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SSL_CIPHER_LIST RESET ciphers configured.

Hello TeamI wanted to remove weak ciphers configured using SSL_CIPHER_LIST to avoid vulnerabilities. I tried exporting the parameter using (SSL_CIPHER_LIST) getting same set of ciphers configured earlier post restart.Can someone please help me? Thank...

KPC by Visitor
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My guitar homework

Q derives from the mathematical notation Ken Iverson developed at Harvard. Years before, when Ken was a young man in Alberta, a farmer he worked for asked him if he knew how to use a certain tool. Ken didn’t. “Well,” said the farmer, “you won’t learn...

SJT by Valued Contributor
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Resolved! How to re-subscription automatically in kdb-tick?

I understand that kdb-tick should be run in order from ticker. However, if ticker is terminated for some reason, rdb does not subscribe to the re-run ticker. Need a way to re-subscribe or a reference for implementation.

k-mambo by New Contributor III
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