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Telegraf kdb handler - Missing link

Hi team, On the Kx.com website, it mentions a Telegraf kdb+ handler, but the link to the code is broken, see https://github.com/KxSystems/telegraf_kdb_handler Anyone know if this API still exists? Thanks

jlucid by New Contributor III
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PyKx Console not showing from IPC Port

Hi there, I'm pretty new to using PyKX, and when migrating our code over from KDB to PyKX, we are running into issues with logging. We are using QConnection/IPC to grab a port in an existing environment, and query functions now via python. However, w...

cleung by New Contributor
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Update .bashrc file on background KX Control Process

Hi there, I've made the following addition to my .bashrc file "umask 0022". Is there a way to promote this change to all KX Control processes running in that environment, without having to bounce them all? I've tried connecting to a process and runni...

araza by New Contributor
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Amend Entire Works in memory but not with a handle?

I've noticed some weird behaviour with amend entire using lists of lists. The behaviour is different depending on whether on I use a file handle or pass the list directly to the function. Code to recreate is pasted below: weirdPartition:(1 2 3f;();en...

jattwick by New Contributor II
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Resolved! May I please know how the over iterator is being used here?

Which form of iterator is being used here? Thank you! https://code.kx.com/q4m3/A_Built-in_Functions/#a88-ssr You can use the over iterator with ssr to replace multiple items. (ssr/)["results_%div_%dept.csv"; ("%div";"%dept"); ("banking";"m&a")]

kdb_newbie by New Contributor II
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