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Indent on function closing bracket

The issue (if I can call it that) has been resolved. Maybe this post might help save someone else some time if similar is encountered. While doing exercise 19 in introductory workshop I kept getting parse error (as per attached image). I tried removi...

bmar by New Contributor
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[Enterprise]Query Error

Hello, I'm soo.I want to move data from my s3 to kdb and do query.S3 and kdb are connected using the access key, and the pipe line was executed and deployed successfully.But in the process of inquiring the data, a timeout keeps occurring.Can you help...

soo by New Contributor
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Resolved! Fundamentals Capstone 2.1

Hi, I need help with ex2.1 for the fundamental capstone project **2.1 In the `optRef` table, the `expiry` column is in a string format. Convert this into the kdb date format.** My solution: update expiry: $["D";expiry] from optRef I cast within the s...

PyKX Project - Netflix - Exercise 8

Hi, I have a problem with the last exercise (ex8) of the PyKX project. The problem is to : Sort the table on the viewsMillion column, from highest to lowest. Save the result to a new q table called sortedViews in q memory space. Here is my attempted ...

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