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One hundred prisoners

The One Hundred Prisoners problem has a famously counter-intuitive solution, nicely explained on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSNsgj1OCLA Exploring it in q is illuminating! George Berkeley kicked this off in the Vector Dōjō : A problem I ...

SJT by Contributor III
  • 1 replies
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Architecture of kdb+ systems

Architecture of kdb+ systems According to the official guide, the KDB system architecture describes the KDB Tick structure. Which architecture is appropriate if you need to register historical time series data at the current time? The reason why hist...

k-mambo by New Contributor III
  • 3 replies
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KDB Tick with 'conn error

The connection reset by peer log is continuously left when requested from the HDB process to the unix domain socket from the HDB process, and the RDB process is constantly experiencing a 'conn error. What information should be identified to determine...

k-mambo by New Contributor III
  • 3 replies
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Q For Problems - Episode 2

Q For Problems - Episode 2 Hi everyone, Please check out episode 2 of the Q For Problems video series. This covers problem 2 from the Project Euler problem set. Project Euler - Problem 2 Feel free to share your own solutions and ideas in the comments...

jkane17 by New Contributor II
  • 4 replies
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