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Last week, we hosted a KX Community Meetup in the beautiful Drawing Office at Titanic Hotel, Belfast.

In case you missed it, our opening keynote was from Connor Gervin - Lead Architect, KX Partnerships showcasing KX's new product SKUs, and discussing cloud partnerships and our new marketplace offerings:



Next up we had Senior Software Engineer Andrew Morrison and Data Scientist Nathan Crone introducing PyKX and demonstrating how it can be used in the development of kdb+ application through Python:



And closing the session, we had Eoin Killeen our Pre-Sales Engineer introducing kdb Insights Enterprise and demonstrating how it can be used to create a simple backtesting application through a graphical pipeline utility:



We'd like to thank everyone for attending and following up the demos with such great and interesting questions.

If you'd like to join us at a KX Community Meetup, subscribe to this events page to be notified when you can register for future Meetups, and keep an eye on Community Meetups | KX to see where else we're planning to visit this year. 

Looking forward to seeing you at a KX Community Meetup near you! 🌍


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