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Welcome to the KX Community!

My name is Laura, I am part of the Evangelism Team in KX and I am one of the Managers of this Community, welcome! Use this board to introduce yourself, tell us who you are and what experience you have with KX Technology. Are you a q-bie starting out ...

Laura by Community Manager
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Resolved! Adding inline code to your questions & messages

Previously I posted on creating q code block with syntax highlighting in a message. Rather than a block you may also wish to add inline code. To do this: 1. Choose ... 2. Choose HTML 3. You will see the HTML for your post 4. Wrap the inline code you ...

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Stevan Apter on the Array Cast

Legendary developer Stevan Apter, of No Stinking Loops, is our guest on episode 26 of the Array Cast podcast, talking about working with k and q. “Apter – NOW we’re talking.” — Simon Garland

SJT by Contributor III
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Resolved! All that jazz: The librarian’s song

Because q is a proprietary language, most of us know it as a language we learned in order to query large datasets. But q is a general-purpose programming language. The 32-bit interpreter is free for non-commercial use. It’s a great tool for general h...

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SJT by Contributor III
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Resolved! How to add all sym into one list?

Hi, Masters: I have a table with sym field, for example: q)show t:([]sym:(1+5?5)?\:5?`3)sym----------------,`ceo`edc`edc`edc`apa`mlf`ceo`ijl`apa`apa`mlf,`mlf How to add each sym and make it be a list, such as: `ceo`edc`edc`edc`apa`mlf`ceo`ijl`apa`apa...

Resolved! how does the query below work

hi suppose i have a column named Id and PrevId. Understand it is trying to find original Id for each row but still not sure how it works exactly. update originalId:{x1:y x;$[ =x1;x;.z.s[x1;y]]} [; Id!PrevId] each Id from table`