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Welcome to the KX Community!

My name is Laura, I am part of the Evangelism Team in KX and I am one of the Managers of this Community, welcome! Use this board to introduce yourself, tell us who you are and what experience you have with KX Technology. Are you a q-bie starting out ...

Laura by Community Manager
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Resolved! how to read this two symbols

suppose i have a table with filed1 is list of symbol `1m`3m and filed2 is source `bbg`bbg then how should i read 1. #[;1b] each count each field2 from table 2. {x 1 0} each filed1 from table

Query Routing/ Load Balancing / asynchronous callbacks

Hi all, I've had a frustrating experience attempting to set up a load balancer and query router on a collection of q processes both started independently and with developer. I wondered if anyone can see the schoolboy error or has any insight to share...

Resolved! KX Maintain a proper GoLang package?

Do you think KX will release an official GoLang package? Im starting to learn GoLang and I want to introduce to my company but we use KDB so it would need to be able to interface with it. The package im using now is This ...

Resolved! Q 4.0 can't have space in command line argument

opt/sp/qlib/4.0.0u.x86_64/q -args '12 34'KDB+ 4.0 2021.04.26 Copyright (C) 1993-2021 Kx Systemsl64/ 28()core NONEXPIRE licensed - unsupportedq).z.x"-args""12""34"q).Q.opt .z.xargs| "12" "34" This is a behavior change from 3.6, and it seemed to be a b...

codh by New Contributor II
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Write about your work

Publishing is soooo good for you! Just seeing your name in print: that feels great. With a picture, even better. And your publications are yours for ever: on your CV, and on your LinkedIn profile. Publishing has subtler benefits too. Benefits you mig...

SJT by Contributor III
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