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Capstone 4.3

New Contributor

if I run exactly what I've written in my function outside a function it works but for some reason when I put it in a function I get a mismatched type error coming from the `price because its a symbol but if I put it in as not a symbol I get an error that just says price. can anyone help here

Screenshot 2023-11-09 120900.png


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Community Manager

Hi @005031,

You are trying to insert a symbol into a select statement which will not work: Queries – q-sql. To do this you would need to use a functional select statement.

However, if you re-read the question you will see that what you're being asked to do is slightly different. Your task is to order the data using the orderColumn. Have a look here for more information on how to do that: Sorting - q-sql

Hope this helps!