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Capstone Fundamentals 2.3 (continuation)

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Continuing from the discussion here:


Hi @kdbguru @megan_mcp 

(sorry the 'b' was a typo in the function). 

I have tried your code and it still has a mismatched types error. My table looks fine but does not pass the end-of-section test for 'messages in the correct format. Let me put all my code regarding messages:

1.  Load from csv. 

messages: ("*S"; enlist csv) 0: hsym `$csvPath;

which looks like

trade_id exch_message
,"1" CME-KO20200720C55-706
,"2" CME-TSLA20201120C1800-709
,"3" CME-TSLA20210120P1500-709
,"4" ISE-700-TSLA20210120C1800
,"5" ISE-701-TSLA20201120C1700
,"6" ISE-705-TSLA20201120P1600


2. Define function: 

extractBrokerId :{partstr:"-"vs x;$["CME" like first partstr;"J"$last partstr;"J"$partstr 1]}


show messages: update broker_id:extractBrokerId each exch_message from messages

which returns a mismatched error type.  This goes away if I put 'each string exch_message'

which returns the correct table but with 'broker_id' in short datatype. I have then proceeded to convert the column into a long using 

messages: update trade_id: "J"$trade_id from messages

 Now the table looks perfect, but it still doesn't pass the test. 

Any help is appreciated! Thanks! 



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Community Manager

Hi @casimir,

I believe your error lies when loading in the messages csv. As I mentioned in the previous post, if you check the trade table (screenshot below) you'll see that trade_id is a string and the question states exch_id needs to also be read in as a string. Do this we use this character - *.

So to adjust your code you will need:


messages: ("**"; enlist csv) 0: hsym `$csvPath;


This should resolve your issues but if it doesn't let me know,

Megan 🙂