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Capstone Project Exercise 3.1 : Trades done before quotes

New Contributor
New Contributor

There are some trades done before any quotes. So when using aj I get some empty values for the columns  bid and ask.




Moderator Moderator

Hi @PhilSing24,

Thanks for raising.

In the real world there should be quotes before trades. I assume given this is an exercise, the data has been randomly generated across a time period and hence you are seeing the above.

I wouldn't be too concerned, as long as you can see how aj works with some other option_id that's what matters.

New Contributor II

Phil you are so far ahead, mate! 

I am stuck at the very beginning. I cannot load the data.
The very first instruction in the Fundamentals capstone project reads:

Let's start with loading in our newly created partitioned database which was created at getenv[HOME],"/fundamentals_capstone_dbs/"`.

1.1 Load into the current process the database that was created

I tried this command without success:

\l $HOME/fundamentals_capstone_dbs/

\l ./db/fundamentals_capstone_dbs/

As part of the initialization we created a partitioned database with the following tables:
1. `trade` - contains all the trade details
2. `spread` - Contains the option spread definitions
3. `nbbo` - Contains the National Best Bid Offer quotes for each option


None of these tables have been created after loading the data so I guess my commad for loading the data has some error.

But where?


Thank you so so much for reaching out to me.

I have poted my question in the community as well.



PS I work for a consultancy firm and some of my colleagues want to learn qdb+. I am supposed to inspire them and I get stuck so so easily. Not even chatgpt could help me!