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Exercise 1.1 Capstone Fundamentals Project

New Contributor II
I am stuck at the very beginning. I cannot load the data.
The very first instruction in the Fundamentals capstone project reads:

Let's start with loading in our newly created partitioned database which was created at getenv[HOME],"/fundamentals_capstone_dbs/"`.

1.1 Load into the current process the database that was created

I tried this command without success:

\l $HOME/fundamentals_capstone_dbs/

\l ./db/fundamentals_capstone_dbs/

As part of the initialization we created a partitioned database with the following tables:
1. `trade` - contains all the trade details
2. `spread` - Contains the option spread definitions
3. `nbbo` - Contains the National Best Bid Offer quotes for each option


None of these tables have been created after loading the data so I guess my command for loading the data has some error.

But where?


Thank you so so much for reaching out to me.




PS I work for a consultancy firm and some of my colleagues want to learn qdb+. I am supposed to inspire them and I get stuck so so easily. Not even chatgpt could help me!


New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Please check the location of the database in your environment. You can do it using the Terminal in JupyterLab.

Once you have confirmed the location, make sure you are using the right path to load the database. You could use the absolute path, or check what the current directory is in Developer and construct a relative path based on that.

Note that \l is not a shell command therefore it cannot do environment variable substitution.

New Contributor II

Thank you million times!