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Having issues with inability to run 'trips' in KX Sandbox from the Introductory Workshop?

New Contributor

This is rather early to experience issues, but I am stuck as I am relatively new to databases. 

The error occurs on trying to proceed with instructions in video 2 of the Introductory Workshop, qSQL: Data exploration. I am working in Jupter notebook and facing this issues. 

The moment where we scroll down to 'count trips' and 'meta trips', I am unable to do so.  I get error on a red background as shown.

I tried to also view trips in in an earlier command and I get nothing...





I checked the file directory and I can't find trips.csv, not sure if that is what I am suppose to see but regardless I can't do the commands so maybe its relevant. 


 Hoping someone could help, does  trips just not exist anymore or something?


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Greyity

My suggestion is to close down/restart all the tabs needed for this workshop and re-launch the sandbox.

If you are still experiencing this error, try opening it in a private browser.

Let me know if this works.

Many thanks,