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NEW Interactive KX Academy Sandbox

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Did you know we have launched a new interactive KX Academy sandbox ?

What's new?

The new and improved KX Academy Sandbox:

  • Leverages Project JupyterHub
  • Is much faster than - loads everything in seconds
  • Saves progress as you work 
  • Has no requirement to use different browsers or private browser mode
  • Gives ability to launch KX Products like kdb+, kdb+ insights and PyKX, Dashboards, Developer, Jupyter Notebooks with KX Academy Content with no installation or maintenance required

How to access?

Click any of the links below to sign up and get access:


Come back to this discussion board if you have any questions on the Sandbox itself or on any of the course materials within KX Academy. And make sure you read the end of this post for additional notes on how to use the environment.

kdb+ Personal Edition

Don't forget you can also download your own kdb+ personal edition license here: Download kdb+ Free Personal Edition | KX 

Happy Learning!



Some additional Information about the Environment

  • Documentation on how to use JupyterLab (replacement for Jupyter Notebook)
  • As we use JupyterHub, you will see two additional items under the 'File' menu to handle 'Log Out' and access to the 'Hub Control Panel'; this is described here and show in the image below Laura_3-1675265254803.png


  • There are some restrictions on the environment:
    • 8GiB RAM
    • Remember to shutdown unused kernels as described here
    • 10GiB of persistent home space
    • If your browser session has been idle for more than three hours the environment will be shutdown
    • Network access is restricted to HTTP/HTTPS access only via proxy. Only the following domains are allowed:
      • ``*`
      • `*` (and `*`)
      • `*`
      • `*` - most if not all of GCPs APIs
    • Be aware `conda`/`pip` will not be able to install directly extra packages
    • Workaround is that you may use the File Browser which supports upload/download as described here
  • Change requests are welcomed but only when they are of material benefit to whole community

Be aware that this is a KX funded resource and as such we actively monitor and inspect the usage of the service, including but not limited to content inside the users environment and the network traffic generated by it.


Moderator Moderator

Brilliant update and very useful information shared here! 

Thank you, KX Evangelism! 👏