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Resolved! error: "test.testTab" (FP.Functions.test/classifyTrades.quke:3)

Hi, Is the classifyTrades.quke correct? I get the error: abort in before block due to error "test.testTab" (FP.Functions.test/classifyTrades.quke:3). My classifyTrades function is ok when I run it against tradeContext table. When I replaced test.expT...

bl by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Fundamentals Capstone 4.4

Anyone know what the format of the top5EdgeTimes variable is supposed to be? Mine looks like this: minute| edge qty numTrds------| ---------------------15:30 | 1134.574 1180 26 15:00 | 1205.548 802 15 13:45 | 1384.106 864 14 15:45 | 1514.772 2503 50 ...

Resolved! fundamentals capstone 3.2

I am having issues finding what my error is with this code: {[tab]tab: update exQuality: $[side=`B & price <= ask; 1b; side=`S & price >= bid; 1b; 0b] from tab} I get a mismatched types error...but when I do a meta on the tab I get: c | t f a-----| -...

Resolved! Unable to pass 2.5 on Advanced Capstone

The runtime for \t .viz.createDashboard[] was 600 and I have successfully reduced it to 258, and yet I am still failing the test. I have made the following changes Spoiler (Highlight to read)Changed the order of where clauses in .viz.getModSensor{[]s...

rmcfee825 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Advanced Capstone .viz.createDashboard[] tests failing

Hi there, I have made necessary changes to the sensor table on disk as well as making some code changes the viz.getModSensor function in order to get the timing halved. Testing it in scratch before and after validates this, however when I save my cha...

Coleslaw by New Contributor II
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