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Resolved! fundamental capstone 3.3

dont know what mistake im making here, will attach code and error below. have to find all the trades in the tradeContext table where exQuality is false (bad trades)

conorn_7_0-1650411138253.png conorn_7_1-1650411160037.png
conorn_7 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Why does this work: value each {x+y+z}[1;;],'enlist (2;enlist 3)

I understand the function and the projec`tion.I'm wondering what is " ,' " and why is it used hereWhy do we enlist the list, and enlist 3 inside the list but not 2.What is the "each" doing here, as far as I can see {x+y+z}[1;;],'enlist (2;enlist 3) i...

Mannix by New Contributor III
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Resolved! How do I make logging continue?

I am currently learning how to use bash script and q together, to route stdout and stderrHere is my logging q file, called logger.q///////////////.log.out: {-1 x};.log.err: {-2 x};.z.ts:{.log.out[(string[.z.P]," Out\n")];.log.err[(string[.z.P]," Erro...

Mannix by New Contributor III
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Resolved! 1 \"hello\" return hello1

Why does: q)1 \"hello\"hello1I have checked that: 2 "hello" returns hello2.I know that 1 and 2 are permanent handles to stdout and stderr, but I'm not sure why the handles would be returned after the string.

Mannix by New Contributor III
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