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Resolved! Submission problem in Introduction to PyKX workshop

Hello, I completed all the exercises, indicated as passed in the notebook, however when I try to submit in the last cells (kx.q('submitAnswers[]') , I get the output : pykx.LongAtom(pykx.q('-1')) and nothing happens (no email received, even when the ...

Papageno by New Contributor
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Capstone Project. Loading the Database

Hi, I couldn't load the partition database when the sandbox had been changed. When it was at dbs then code \l /dbs/ worked absolutely fine. Now, database was created at ~/fundamentals_capstone_dbs and code \l /fundamentals_capstone_dbs/ doesn't work ...

Tanya by New Contributor
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Resolved! KX Capstone Project Question 1.5

Hey, I am having an issue with the Fundamentals Capstone course for question 1.5. I passed a list to the 'getOptionRef' API but can't get any outputs. If i specify a symbol from the option_id, it works. Below is my code: Error message : Grateful for ...

mdraidz_0-1672198411824.png mdraidz_3-1672198838235.png mdraidz_2-1672198824439.png
mdraidz by New Contributor
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Resolved! Capstone Project Partitioned table /dbs

Hi, \ls /dbs // I get the 4 partitioned values"2020.08.03""2020.08.04""2020.08.05""2020.08.06""sym"I don't understand what sym represents.when I type cols trade, I don't see the column sym but I can still run the following statementselect sym from tr...