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Advanced Capstone Excercise 3

Hi I am facing port open error. I have the complete code for step 3. But first line "hdbH: hopen 5099" itself is not working. I tried multiple times but not able to open a server at port 5099. It worked in starting but nothing seems to work now. Any ...

AKJ by New Contributor
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Resolved! KX SQL project

I'm currently trying to complete the KX SQL challenge, and I'm unsure why my defined variable doesn't have the correct sql syntax? Any sort of guidance would be appreciated!

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Haze by New Contributor
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Resolved! Funds - Capstone 1.6

After opening the service handle, which i believe is opened correctly, it is no longer allowing me to access anything from the server and comes up with the error blocked: refServiceHandle: hopen 5010 // ex 1.5 refServiceHandle "tables[]"optRef: refSe...

Jdyer by New Contributor
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Capstone 4.3

if I run exactly what I've written in my function outside a function it works but for some reason when I put it in a function I get a mismatched type error coming from the `price because its a symbol but if I put it in as not a symbol I get an error ...

Screenshot 2023-11-09 120900.png
005031 by New Contributor
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My answer to capstone 3.4 may have broken my developer

last night I stopped working on the project after having completed 3.4 then I've come back to it this morning and have gone to reload each task so all the data is set up correctly, but I'm getting an error when I try do run 1.1 that says ./AX_WORKSPA...

005031 by New Contributor
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