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Capstone Fundamentals 2.3 (continuation)

Continuing from the discussion here: https://community.kx.com/t5/KX-Academy/Fundamentals-Cpastone-1-7/m-p/15117/emcs_t/S2h8ZW1haWx8dG9waWNfc3Vic2NyaXB0aW9ufExPR1JNS0FQUjlUWVpEfDE1MTE3fFNVQlNDUklQVElPTlN8aEs#M602 Hi @kdbguru @megan_mcp (sorry the 'b' ...

casimir by New Contributor
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Advanced Capstone 2.5 Simmilar Issue to others

I seem to be failing the 2nd last test of Q2 for 2.5 I have successfully reduced the time to less than half but despite restarting the code seems to fail the 2nd last test with the error, ".test.table2.5" this test is failed before I even try the que...

danritch by New Contributor
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Resolved! Fundamentals Capstone 1.3

Hello, May someone explain whether I am on the right track for question 1.3. My Answer: uniqueOpts: select distinct option_id from trade Have I completely missed the point of the question?

CD7253 by New Contributor II
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Fundamentals Capstone 5.2

I cant seem to fix the type error on the 2nd part of question 5 my code looks like this, avgtrdata : select avgEdge by option_id from optProfile select edge,avg avgEdge by option_id from latesttrds ij avgtrdata where edge > avgEdge I gave up with the...

danritch by New Contributor
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