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Import CSV file to Dashboards Direct

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

There was a recent question from a reader on importing csv files into kdb.  How is this best achieved with Dashboards Direct? 

  • If you haven't already, install Dashboards Direct.
  • Save your CSV file into the /sample/data directory of your Dashboard Direct install folder
  • Update the demo.q file in the /sample directory to include details of the CSV file you want to import; you can source the kdb type you need for each data format here
kdbname: ("kdbtypeforeachcolumnincsv"; enlist ",") 0: `$":sample/data/csvfilename.csv";
  • Restart Dashboards.
  • You can check for the file on localhost:6812, or add a component and in the data editor search for the data source name (kdbname) you assigned in the demo.q file. 

Watch this video to see the process below:



Moderator Moderator

Hi Declan,

Great overview on how simple it is to load data into Dashboards Direct 🖥🖱

Thanks for sharing this walkthrough and demo with the KX Community 🙌🏻

Kind regards,