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Resolved! Dashboard differences in edit mode

Hi All, I'd like to get to the bottom of an issue that I'm having with dashboards and I feel like I've been bothering Ryan Wasson too much and keeping too much of his really great guidance to myself, so I'm putting my question out here this time. Eve...

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soldham by New Contributor II
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Charting Status (Category Data) over Time

There are occassions when what we need to chart are not linear values over time - as is typical, but instead category data - like the status of a piece of machinery in a manufacturing process over the course of the day. This can be achieved using KX ...

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dfallon by New Contributor III
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KX Dashboards -- Can't Connect DropDown To Chart

Hey Everyone, I've been playing around with Dashboards for a little bit and seem to always run into a problem getting a drop down list to connect with my chart. In the View State for the drop down, I've got it setup for Default "sym" and Value "sym" ...

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planefan by Contributor
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Resolved! Analyst widget in Dash

Hi Team, I use Grammar of Graphics (GoG) in the Analyst widget in Dash for both a project at my work (where I am on the KX platform) and for a project at home where I use KX Dashboards Direct with Developer. I find GoG to be a real gem - super config...

Resolved! Decluttering a chart

The latest #SWDChallenge is based on decluttering your data, referenced in a paper here. The key is to simplify the presentation of your data by removing non-essential elements - then use highlighting to focus on key points in the data. Removing axis...

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dfallon by New Contributor III
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