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Resolved! Dashboards - action triggers on page load

I created a virtual query which clears some view states and set it as data source for an action. It works as expected when action is triggered but I found out that it is also executed at page load. If I pass parameters to the dashboard they are now c...


Negative floats causing issues with range slider component

Hi All, I’m having an issue with the “Range Slider” component. It seems to have incorrect behaviour when dealing with negatives, in my case, floats. Below is 2 examples of range sliders. They are identical apart from the fact that the data source for...

tomstocks43_0-1625580602104.png tomstocks43_1-1625580602106.png

Resolved! Data not showing in Canvas Chart Tooltips

Hi all, I’m having issues getting symbol data types to work in the tooltip functionality. When attempting to display a view state in the tooltip that is stored as a symbol, the data type is undefined and the value isn’t shown Also, when attempting to...