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KDB WORM (Write once and read many) function

I’m wondering if KDB has WORM (Write once and read many) function. We are trying to see if KDB can be used for some reporting purposes. We would like to have some table read/write and some table read only after write. Is that possible?

renbright by New Contributor
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How do I get the .s.e sql interface on the command line?

I have downloaded the on-demand 64bit version of kdb. I launch the kdb+ as follows: C:\q\w64\q.exe Then I create a simple table as follows: t:([]k: 1 2 1; v:`A`B`C) Then when I try to query it using the SQL interface as follows, I get the error: .s.e...

Ali99947 by New Contributor
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server options

We currently run straight kdb 4.0 and want to test how our system will run on kx insights. We desire to test on an "on prem" server - if we just test kdb 4.1 on an on prem server will the behavior be identical to a standard kx insights installed syst...

mumfordg by New Contributor
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Could not load list columns from S3

We are storing data in S3 bucket. While we are able to load most of the tables, whenever there is a column of the type list or string, the table couldn't load properly. When the column is a string say OrderID, it will have two files ID and ID#. when ...

cyhuang by New Contributor
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How to install kxreaper?

We've using the KX insight on AWS cloud. When we are trying to set up the caching for HDB, it couldnt find kxreaper. Wondering what would be the right way to set it up?

cyhuang by New Contributor
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