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Overlapping axis labels - a way to remove them?

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Hi all!

below is the X axis of a Canvas Chart. this Canvas Chart has default settings for the X axis labels apart from the obvious rotation. As you can see, the final X labels are very close together, one is a step (I'm assuming automatically calculated as step size = 0 in the config), the other is the end of the axis. 


Were it not for the rotation of the labels, these labels would overlap and be unreadable. This rotation is not an elegant or reliable fix however as in extreme cases we can still see the overlap, example below.


Is there a way to turn off the edge of Axis labels so that they don't overlap? the data shown in the graph can very in order of magnitude so manually setting a good step size that avoids this overlapping is not a solution for our use case.


Moderator Moderator


Great question here! Thank you for sharing this with the community. The following should be helpful:

For a linear x-axis:

1) We can change the max rotation to 0. This will turn off the rotation of the labels. 

2) We can change the format to Number/Formatted Number or Smart Number and this will automatically fix the labels without overlapping.

I have attached a supporting image. 

I hope this helps resolve your query. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,