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Overlapping axis labels - a way to remove them?

Hi all! below is the X axis of a Canvas Chart. this Canvas Chart has default settings for the X axis labels apart from the obvious rotation. As you can see, the final X labels are very close together, one is a step (I'm assuming automatically calcula...

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Resolved! KX Analyst - exporting modules as instructions to control

This is one for the KX developers. In KX Analyst 4.6, exporting a module to KX control as an instruction might rearrange the order of the functions in the result script. This is very annoying because git thinks that some functions were deleted and re...

adrianosm_ by New Contributor III
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Resolved! KX Control - stopStateFunct?

Hi all, We can define initial state functions for our beloved KX processes on KX Control, but what about stop state functions? Say I want an RTE to do a few things on close, how could I do that?Kind regards,Adriano

adrianosm_ by New Contributor III
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Kx Platform AMD?

Hi there We need to run Kx Platform on a mac M1 under Parallels. Issues that arise in installation - ARM 64-bit isn’t a defined architecture in the platform install scripts - q binary included in the distro is intel-only. However the free downloadabl...

API / function to flush IHDB?

Hello again, Is there a function that I can call from an IHDB process (or even from the LR) to flush it to the HDB?The background is:- my EOD time is 10 am- I had some data on my IDHB on 26/07/2021 around 2pm - But then, my machine was not running on...

adrianosm_ by New Contributor III
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KX Analyst - Remote Server Password

Hi Team, KX analyst is really great to use for IDE. If below can be achieved, it will be excellent - [Remote Server] Ability to save password or get password from a script/file/env variable - Ability to copy table data from Inspect window (Ctrl + I)....

bevinahal by New Contributor
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Resolved! Unable to create alert instance: type error

Hello, I have two machines here, one running KX 4.6.0P7 and another running KX 4.6.1P3. I am trying to create a new alert instance and I keep getting a type error message (see image) when i click on the save button. This happens even if I try to crea...

adrianosm_ by New Contributor III
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Negative floats causing issues with range slider component

Hi All, I’m having an issue with the “Range Slider” component. It seems to have incorrect behaviour when dealing with negatives, in my case, floats. Below is 2 examples of range sliders. They are identical apart from the fact that the data source for...

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Resolved! Data not showing in Canvas Chart Tooltips

Hi all, I’m having issues getting symbol data types to work in the tooltip functionality. When attempting to display a view state in the tooltip that is stored as a symbol, the data type is undefined and the value isn’t shown Also, when attempting to...


Resolved! Generating Instructions from KxAnalyst

Hi everyone, As you know, we can export analyst modules to KX Control as Instructions, or we can also generate q files from analyst modules. My question here is: is there a place anywhere in KX Analyst that allows me to set instruction details for a ...

adrianosm_ by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Enforcing SSL protocols between Platform JEMAIL and SMTP server

Hey all, If you are using the bundled java email engine in KX Platform to send emails to an (SMTP) relay server using TLS, and you've recently upgraded/or the SMTP has been upgraded, and you've seen an error where the TLS connection cannot be establi...

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dcrossey by New Contributor III
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Platform for Kx 4.6.x users?

Hi everyone We're [ui!] the urban institute, and focus on using the Kx Platform for Smart City projects. I'd be keen to build links to any other people on the forum who are using the Platform - especially 4.6.x - I'm sure we can learn lots from one a...