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Action Tracker Case Management: Trying to Reopen linked items

New Contributor III

Hi Techs,

I have been working on Action Trackers and created custom transition analytic which can facilitate transitioning state of the linked items to the same state/queue as of the case. But, I also want to achieve reopening the links if a case is reopened.

Because dxATProgressLinks[] does not work on closed items so I have created another custom transition analytic for reopen. I have tried the following code from the analytic but no success so far:

1) dxATReopenCase[itemID]

2) dxATReopenTransition[itemIDs; trns; Assignee; toMe; Comment]; using IPC to the Gateway process. Breaks the framework

Please let me know what is the best way to achieve this. 


Moderator Moderator

Hello @cj

Thanks for reaching out to the community with your question.

Sharing feedback provided by one of our engineers below -


You could try the following:
  • make sure each item to be reopened has a reopen transition in the action tracker definition
  • I think links will be persisted even for closed items so you can use dxATGetLinks in your reopen custom transition analytic to get all the linked items
  • In your reopen custom transition analytic use dxATTransitionItem to transition each linked item from it's closed queue to an open queue via the reopen transition you have defined
  • To see the parameters for dxATTranstionItem transition an item from the UI and look at .pm.querylog on the action tracker process.

We hope this helps!

Happy Coding,