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Canvas Charts - Drag to zoom


On version 2.1.0, I am using the "canvas chart" component to create a bar chart where the x-axis begins at zero and I have a data point at x=0.

I wish to zoom into the range from 0 to 10 on the x-axis range. If I put my cursor on 10, left click and hold, then drag from right to left, all the way to the line of the y-axis (x=0), the zoom in mechanism doesn't trigger.

What I need to do is drag to the left to the first point after zero and then it triggers. If I drag to the left and touch the y-axis it wont zoom.  Similarly, if I click at zero and drag right it doesnt trigger, I always need to start from an x position greater than zero.

Is this expected behaviour,  or is there a config setting I need to change? I've been tinkering with the range settings but couldn't find a way. I also tried switching on and off the "Begin at Zero" setting.




New Contributor III
New Contributor III



There is a bug here , that we are looking into.

I would recommend using ChartGL here if you can in the meantime and if you have any questions on how to config this just let me know

Ok no problem Kieran, thanks for looking into it