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Dashboards Direct - Form Builder - Dynamically updating the Default values displayed


I have created a Data Form component (

which is configured using the "Component Properties Panel".


I have set the default value for the first Form element to a given view state parameter.

That view state parameter gets set using an existing dropdown box (not part of the form), where

I can select a symbol from a list. 


When I load the dashboard initially, and select a symbol from the dropdown box,

then the default value on the Form element updates immediately and correctly.

So it is picking up the view state change as expected.


However, if I now select a different symbol from the dropdown, the value displayed as the default no longer updates. It is as if the initial setting of the defaults has locked it in.


The only way I can get the default value to update consistently, when I change my dropdown selection, is to use an "Open Url" Action, to open a new tab whenever the dropdown selection is changed, and then the form default values are shown correctly on the new tab.


Question: How can I get the form default values to change ever time I update the view state without needing to reload the page?


Many thanks