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Dashboards Streaming (For Dummies)


Talk to me as if Im a small child, or a Labrador retriever. 

I have a Tickerplant. Subprocesses connected to the tp. 

My subprocesses crunch some data and then update columns on a localized master table.

- Localized as in: local to that subprocess. 

I've reached a point where Dashboards takes prohibitively long to query my table. 

It dawned upon me, streaming. 

My question, what I need help with, is: what do I need to do to convert a table in a tp subprocesses to make it streaming so Dashboards can plot the data to a ChartGL for me?

Many thanks. 


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

For KX Platform Dashboards on the backend follow:

The UI options** are covered on:

(**as well as backend if instead using Dashboards Direct)


Hey Roc, 

Thanks. Don't think the Platform stuff is going to fit the bill given I already have a backend with the TP stuff going on. 

I've been working off the UI options, since Im using Dashboards, and have managed to get data streaming in but it appears to stop after 20-30 seconds. 


Do I need to add anything to the TP sym.q file? 

Once I've added the:

.u.snap:{tablename}{[t;i] $[i<=count t; i#t;i rotate t]};
.ringBuffer.write:{[t;r;i] @[t;(i mod count value t)+til 1;:;r];};

Is there any other requisite to stream data into Dashboards?