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KXDashboard Selection Type Column Filter No Longer Working in Data Grid

New Contributor



In one of our dashboards, we have a Data Grid component with Filtering enabled ("Advanced Column Filter"). Under "Custom Filters" settings, we added a filter with "Selection" type for one symbol column in the table. It was working fine - the filter search box in the first row of this column returns a multi-select dropdown list of all the values in this column when clicked on, and it's searchable using text pattern. But it is no longer working anymore - there's no dropdown returned and only the ones that exactly match the text inputted will be kept. We upgraded KXDashboard to the newest version last week so this issue may occur since the upgrade.


Thanks in advance.


New Contributor

We are using version 1.9.2. Attached is a dashboard that illustrates this issue. 

  • Selection type filter is added to column "a". There's no drop-down list and it does exact matching.
  • If the Selection type custom filter is removed, phrase match works.